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Innovative Creative Passionate

Bardos Massage and Wellness

Practicing the art of detox, preventative care, and post-surgery healing

 The Radiant Temple

and Light Body Garden Meet-ups and Sacred Tantra Yoga

Your body is a Temple.

Nourish, Resonate, Strengthen, and Radiate it!

We are now offering In-Person Private Lessons, Duets, and Online Zoom Classes. Check the schedule and class descriptions below and click the links to sign-up!

Please register in advance for all classes.

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Aquarian Sadhana

This is a free service to the public of the beautiful tradition of Kundalini Yoga, The Aquarian Sadhana. We have room for 2 guests in person and 50+ online zoom. Experience the richness of this tradition for the Aquarian Age, to feed our souls the sound currents of truth. 4:30am Japji Chant 4:50am Pranayam, Kundalini Yoga, Deep Relaxation and Meditation 5:50 Kirtan Yoga with Aquarian Sadhana Mantras

Registration is free.   Love Offerings in any amount

Donate through Venmo @Jamie-LaNeave

Join via zoom

Aquarian Sadhana



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Learn more about Aquarian Sadhana to access the Aquarian Sadhana Chants, Tuning-In, and Closing Chants

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Radiant Rhythms

Radiant Rhythms is a devotional offering in the Kundalini Yoga Tradition focusing on mantras, shabds, and meditation. We will be chanting mantras in Gurbani from Sikh Scripture for a unique experience every week. Short warm-ups, yoga, and movement to get the body ready for the deep dives into mantra, celestial communication, and devotion. Mantras for devotion, abundance, healing, bliss, Simran, and union with God. Practice loving deeper through the Sound Current and grounding our nervous system for deep healing. 

Radiant Rhythms

Private Lessons and Duets or $15 Online Zoom

Register In-Person

Online Zoom Registration

Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful healing technology using Kriyas, breathwork, mantras, numerology, and a body of knowledge pulling from ancient tantric traditions of yoga.  It works with all 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness to practice becoming a fully integrated being, merging with Truth. This class will empower you spiritually and physically.   Strengthen your aura, energy centers, mind, and nervous system power, while exploring the many facets of the True Self. 

Would you like to receive your 40 Days Kriya and begin confronting yourself, pushing yourself, and remembering who you really are?

Book a one-hour session, receive your 40 days Kriya, and begin your Spiritual Bootcamp.  Register and pay in advance. $85 for Individuals $42.50 per person for Duets. In-person class.

Kundalini Yoga

40 Days Kriya

By Appointment Only

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Light Body Meditation

Activating the Light Body within through ancient healing energy, light frequencies, DNA Activations, meditation, chanting, and prayers. This group is for Light Workers and Healers, Earth Keepers, and anyone hoping to activate these qualities within. Each meeting is a ritual or ceremony that tends to our Light Body Garden, to honor the Light Within, the Earth, and the Heavens. Using practices of meditation, ancient shamanism, crystal sound bowls, esoterica, deep pranic breathing, hands-on healing, prayer, and relaxation for the benefit of all. Each ceremony is unique and with the utmost reverence for every soul that enters.  All love, deep healing, and connection.  $20 - or Love Offering in any amount - Venmo @Jamie-LaNeave

Light Body Meditation

Every 1st Saturday of the Month



In-Person Registration

Kaula Tantra Yoga

Kaula Tantra Yoga is an ancient practice that uses a set series of yoga postures for deep clearing of ancestral lines, deep rooting into the Earth, stretching, and tantric meditation. It is deeply healing physically and mentally. It is a 3 part series that allows for a full body and mind resetting, balancing, and rooting.  Kavita Dasjot leads the tantric ritual with energy healing, guiding you deep into your subconscious for spiritual and physical realignment. This is a beginner yoga class as well as for the advanced practitioner. Privates and duets only. $85 per class, if it is two people you would only pay $42.50.

Kaula Tantra

Monday - Wed - Fridays 9am

Book Privates and Duets by appointment

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Couples Tantra Healing Arts

Tantric Healing Arts involves chanting, Kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditations, and games as a means for deepening connection to yourself and your partner. It as a yoga of awareness where you wake the senses use the breath to direct your energy. The games, meditations, and mantras give a depth of experience in the senses with the power of the sound current, the quality of touch, movement, dance, theater, shamanism, and the cosmic heart. There is some kundalini yoga work with angles and strengthening so that the chakra centers are strengthened for greater strength, stimulation, and presence in all areas of life. Breathwork is also a very important aspect as the breath directs pranic flow and intensifies stimulation. There is also an aspect of Shuniya where we dance with stillness to create seduction with emptiness. Mind and Body Games for deepening connection, learning new ways of playing, and fun! 

 $85 for Individuals and $120 for duets and couples.

Couples Tantra Healing Arts

Register for a Class or Bood By Appointment

Singles or Couples Welcome

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Book by Appointment