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Bardos Massage and Wellness

Practicing the art of detox, preventative care, and post-surgery healing

​"Head to Toe" 

Thanksgiving Specials

Gratitude for your presence, all of you!

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Because you're precious, adorable, and deserve to be loved head to toe!

Thank you for being YOU!  

Enjoy our SPECIALS this Holiday Season as a special treat with therapeutic mind and body benefits for softer skin, collagen for joints, and hydration for muscles and body, head to toe!

"Head to Toe" 

Organic Lemon and Sugar Body Scrub with essential oils

 Detoxifying and Hydrating Cupping

Deep Penetrating Heat and Laser of Radio Frequency

$150 for 1 session

$399 for 3 Sessions

Includes 105min Session and a 30min FIR Sauna Session

Before your session, melt and cleanse the skin in the Far Infrared Sauna,  This will detoxify your skin and prepare your skin and body for the scrub treatment.  Optional Juice or Smoothie add-on available. 

Your session will start with essential oils mixed with fresh organic lemon and a sugar scrub over the entire body. 

 Hot towels to follow with Shea Butter and cupping to detoxify and hydrate the muscles, skin, fascia, tendons, and ligaments- all your issues in your tissues! 

 Followed by a deeply regenerative Radio Frequency treatment over the entire body.  Using the deep penetrating heat of Radio Frequency and Laser, you will experience collagen production in joints for the healing of old injuries, as well as stimulating collagen in the skin for fine lines and wrinkles.  Laser is pain relieving, protective, and rejuvenating!  

Finally, we coat the body with  Aloe Vera with manuka honey, orchid, and apple stem cells.  This treatment tops off this incredibly soothing massage and spa treatment, from "Head to Toe"

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