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Bardos Massage and Wellness

Practicing the art of detox, preventative care, and post-surgery healing

Hot Bamboo Recovery 

Signature Massage


We've all been working hard this Spring for our Beach Bodies, to strengthen our bodies and spirit, and to resurrect after a long Winter.  It's time for someone to work hard on you and help you recover!  Using Hot Stones and Bamboo, this Recovery Massage Special is sure to get you back training feeling refreshed and renewed.  MediCupping, Laser Therapy, FIR Heat and Near Infrared Light Lamps are used to make this massage extra beneficial, healing, and cleansing.   Commit to yourself this season and save $155 with Buy 2 Get 1 Free or simply come in one time for a savings of $30.  

The choice is yours!  

Save $155 

Buy 2 Get 1

$30 off 

One Bamboo Recovery Massage 

Every Signature Massage comes with a complimentary FIR Sauna Session or a Juice or Smoothie of your choice.  Have both for an extra $8!!

Buy 2 Get 1 at $155 off

Buy 1 Session at $30