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Innovative Creative Passionate

Bardos Massage and Wellness

Practicing the art of detox, preventative care, and post-surgery healing


Angelic Sekehm Sechim

Energetic Healing

Make Your Life a Living Prayer

Healing Sessions

Dive into the healing energy of Spirit in connection to your body as a living temple.  You are a walking, breathing, living spark of Source, God, the Infinite Divine Intelligence.  Connect with the messages Source Energy is expressing in your body and activate the gifts waiting to blossom in you.  Begin to heal the connections to your self, your temple, your soul,  your loved ones, and the planetary grid.

We are vessels of healing for each other. When these opportunities are missed, they can accumulate and turn into baggage in our field and even manifest as physical pain and illness. Once the Source of the pain is found, healing can begin.  

Your body is encoded with information and healing capabilities to connect to loved ones who have passed and to offer healing to those that are living.   This is our divine blueprint.  This is our destiny.  To become Suns of God, shining our light on each other in deep expansive love in every moment.   

Jamie's Gifts

Gaining insights from past lives, ancestors, lineages of The Christian Great White Brotherhood, Melchizedek, Sacred Geometry, Metatron, the Angelic Kingdom, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, Angelic Sekhem-Sechiem, Genevieve Ivy,  and a spontaneous initiation into the Christed Consciousness, Jamie has been gifted with the ability and desire to connect with the higher realms for the utmost benefit of your being.

Jamie is guided by your body's natural intelligence and your energetic field to bring awareness to something that Spirit is calling for your attention.  Reprogram, restructure and align into Love.  Learn how to move into our hearts for coherence with our mind, body, and soul.  Breathe in living light, for healing for ourselves and all those that come into our presence.  

90-minute session, $85

Mentorship, $340 for 4  (2hr) Sessions

Experience life as a

 Living Prayer